Is there a buy-in fee for the association?

Yes, there is a $400 buy-in fee to join the association, however, we pay up to 1.5% of your closing costs, so this would be well covered!

Can I have pets?

Yes! You can have two small, orderly domestic pets and aquariums of up to 50 gallons are allowed.

Where do I take my pet for it’s daily walk?

There are sidewalks and plenty of green space all around Gables, including the Windward Pointe neighborhood. There are also pet stations for easy clean up.

How does parking work?

Parking is on a first come first serve basis (there’s plenty of spots). But remember, you can also purchase or rent a garage, this has ample room for a vehicle and can provide a little extra storage.

What is the size of the garage?

Garages vary from 12’x26′ to 11’x36′

How do I get a storage unit?

Some homes come with storage units and some with garages. Talk to your salesperson about which is right for you.

How does the entry system work?

Each person living in the home will receive one key for their individual unit and one key fob to work the front entrance of the building.

Do you have any ADA compliant or ADA friendly homes?

We do! These are limited however, please speak with your salesperson about their availability.

Are fireplaces gas or electric?

They are electric, and super cozy!

Are these energy efficient?

Very! They were built way above the construction code with efficiency in mind. For example, the exterior walls are very thick and heavily insulated, this helps with sound travel too!

Do you allow smoking?

Absolutely not. In fact, Gables East is a smoke free campus. However, we do have a gazebo overlooking the green area as a designated smoking spot.

Where do I get my mail?

There is a mailbox kiosk located at the entrance.

Do you offer owner financing?

Yes! We have an owner financing option available to those who wish to take advantage of it. We have several different down payment options with fixed rates. You can refinance at any time!

Could I trade my home?

Absolutely! We would look at the value of your current property and try to work with you on a trade deal. We’ve done this with plenty of customers before and always had smooth transactions. It especially works well if you’re trying to avoid the hassle of listing your home with a realtor and going through showings. Call us for more info!

Phone Company – Lumos

Internet Company – Comcast


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